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We now have the ability to listen to what’s not being said.

Neuropulse uses biometric data to track audiences’ emotional engagement in real-time, creating actionable insights. Attention and emotional resonance are the key indicators of future actions such as the intention to buy, to remember your message, or even to advocate for your brand. In partnership with the neuroscientists at Immersion Neuroscience, the brain’s unconscious neurological responses are measured so Neuropulse can optimize engagement in any setting, digitally or in-person.



Part technology. Part science.
Completely insightful.


Welcome to creativity grounded in truth.

Our Neuropulse program combines real-time emotional engagement tracking with data-driven expertise to move your business forward by predicting future human actions with over 80% accuracy.

One program, endless possibilities.


Across any live or virtual environment, setting, or event, Neuropulse is the key to optimize emotional engagement and deliver the best experience for your teams, customers, or consumers.

  • Help make critical decisions with data
  • Leadership & sales readiness
  • Enhance human experiences
  • Optimize content & messaging
  • Measure true engagement
  • Influence purchase or behavior
  • Test products, services, or concepts


Passive research, active insights.

The software is easily accessed by utilizing Neurpulse provided wristband technology, or your very own smartwatch, to measure unconscious neurological responses in real-time. Second-by-second data is fed to a connected online portal that allows you to see audience engagement on a simple 1-5 scale — every moment of interest, excitement, boredom, or frustration. We then use these insights to enhance any experience, create maximum immersion, influence growth opportunities, and predict positive outcomes for your business.


Neuropulse is available wherever you and your smartwatch are.


We’re able to read your immersion levels on almost all of your favorite smartwatches: Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Wear OS, and Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. 


Don’t have access to a smartwatch? With a Neuropulse Virtual Kit, we provide all of the technology you need.



Trusted among global leaders


Your privacy is important to us. That’s why we exclusively work on a secure, private technology with an anonymized relationship between participants and hosts. Want to learn more? Contact us at [email protected]

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Turn untold truths into opportunities.

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