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Why aren’t some brands getting crisis messaging right?

By Sherwood MacVeigh

More and more healthcare professionals are looking at health through a holistic lens: diet, physical activity, sleep, cellular function, etc. Our bodies are chemical reactions and everything we do affects and fuels other aspects of our health.


The same interconnected approach when examining consumer decision-making should be considered; the rational and emotional functions of the brain that engage before making a decision.

Today, we are seeing brand messaging shift to support, hope, and unity in response to COVID-19, but not all brands are hitting the mark. How are these values resonating with a person’s emotional and rational part of their brain? In fact, people are tuning out and turning off this messaging when it fails to make a connection with them. Successful businesses and brands in this moment are meeting consumers on both a rational (conscious/explicit) and emotional (unconscious/implicit) level. In order to move product, you have to move people.

An emotional connection early on creates confidence in the consumer*, but rational connection completes the circuit. We combine the two through shared values. 

*“Ninety-five percent of purchasing-making decisions take place in the subconscious mind” (Daniel Codella, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Wrike).

Values build trust that leads to action. 

If we can catch the consumer on an unconscious level, and deliver to their needs once the emotion reaches their consciousness, we achieve success.

How can you diagnose an emotional engagement? 

Just like the healthcare professional has ways of diagnosing a person’s health, marketing professionals are gaining new tools every day to examine + evaluate both emotional and rational decision making.  At Hyperquake we are identifying and developing new methodologies that are designed to help us evaluate a person’s emotional and rational response to a message, an event. Values and behaviors interconnected in the brain drive a neuro-response that we believe will reveal a new way of evaluating and identifying messaging that will drive deeper brand connections and action.

Stay connected for more. 

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