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Dan Barczak

Chief Creative Officer, Partner


Dan Barczak creates what others can only imagine. As the CCO of Hyperquake, he tunes a listening ear to clients and carefully translates what is most important, most interesting, and most relevant to the team’s work. Dan’s positivity, steeped experience, and keen visual eye push each project to the cutting edge. The more challenging and complex the problem, the more Dan deploys his simplification superpower to transform ideas into opportunity. Even if it weren’t his job, Dan would study the latest brands, trends, and insights in order to make lives around him more beautiful. His natural leadership bent is that of a coach – something that serves the Hyperquake team, as well as his home team. Dan and his wife Julie are raising two of the most kind, polite humans you may ever encounter, and it’s no surprise why – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

My Truth

Don’t be anonymous. Be valuable. Be uncommon.