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Melissa Kelly

Chief Operating Officer


Melissa Kelly gets shit done. And, she does it with a smile and the confidence that comes with building hundreds of jaw-dropping experiences. As our Chief Operating Officer, Melissa brings a catalog of wisdom and assembles our teams of experts against each client opportunity. She can rally internal and external stakeholders for the benefit of our clients like no other. You can’t surprise her. You can’t intimidate her. But, you can get to know her, and when you do you’ll be delighted to discover a raw, real personality with a heart for understanding other humans at a deep level. This is most evidenced by a collective of life-long relationships she has cultivated with a crew of friends and family that have endured the full range of human emotion and traveled the world together. Melissa and her husband Brian share a love of building businesses and of their two phenomenal sons.

My Truth

Be Brave. Believe. And Make It Happen.